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We're waaay back on v9 here at work, and (yeah, i know, shut up! Its the MRP system, and integration, and our global IT group not seeing its users as clients...) I'm used to it, and frustrated by the stuff I know exists, but can't use. That being said, this week at home I've been using ACAD 2006 (I think) and I've been getting a little frustrated with the mouse-point data entry for several reasons. Included among the reasons are the entry points obscuring the drawing, the cross-hairs jumping around a little (this can prolly be turned off, I'm thinking, but I use it so little...), and the lack of "track-back" in the text-area, the lack of "up-curser" functionality for scrolling through previous entries.

Do you see any possiblity that these issues (where applicable) will have the same negative effects when sketching in IV?

(For the record, an upgrade is in the works for us now, and we have been on subscription the whole time, and so I do have access to the versions that we haven't implemented, but I just can't use them for production.)

Rob Cohee

You can do a couple of things to avoid having too much going on the screen at one time. Having tracking and ortho type help up during dynamic input might be more than some people want to see. So you can turn that off in the Tools>Application Options. You can also hold down the Ctrl key while sketching and Inventor will not automatically place constraints. Nice toggle there that I use quite a bit.

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