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Samu Wihlman

Thanks for your great tip!
Can I get Inventor to add "mass" & save date" information always on save to custom field, so that i can insert that field on drawing?

Thomas Rambach

You can also format the text from the input box:

PartNumber = Trim(Ucase(InputBox("Please Enter the iProperty Part Numbver", "iProperties Check - Part Number", PartNumber)))

Add a trim and ucase proceeding the inputbox to trim out extra spaces and make it upper case.

Gavin Bath

Thanks for the video! Great to see more useful iLogic ideas starting to come out. Rob, I want to make a popup dialog box that gives you the option to enter a number of iProperty values eg.Part Number, Description, Project all in one go. Would you suggest I try and extend something like your snippet to work with multiple values at once or go back to vb macros and do it the old way? I see there is a wizard in iLogic that takes in a DLL file. I assume this is to use rules to fill out dialogs that are part of separate add-ins? Bit confused as to when to use what....

John the Unemployed

Just found your Youtube vids and blog this weekend.

I can get the ilogic to work within the file (Money, Money). But when I save out and start a new file the rules arent active in the file. I restarted Inv just to see if thats when the new rules go active and no luck (I want my 2 dollars).

Gavin Bath

If you want the rules to be in any new file you create John, you'll need to open the template file, create (or copy in) the rules and then save it. Then when you create a new file using that template the rules will be in it. If it's just a problem of the rules not running, you can create rule triggers that determine when they run.


Was that THE Seth Hindman? I wonder what Seth has written on the post-it notes on his wrist-rest? Probably something like;
1.) Don't forget the grade-school career day... convince kids that machinists are KEWL!
2.) Engage people on the public bus in discussions about topology and the equations behind KFactor Based unfolding methods. (Live the dream)
3.) Develop the Sheet Metal module to complete the Master Plan to rule the world.
4.) Work on evil laughter... it's all in the diaphram.
5.) Think of snappy comebacks for that smart*** Cohee.


What I really want for Christmas is a web-driven application that allows our Reps to enter product series, sizes and quantities (and other, known design requirements) and get back a "real-time" quote and a nifty 3D model for their use. Said models would then be passed along to Estimating, Engineering, Shop Drawings and Factory Order groups for scheduling and production porpoises (no, I'm not a Dolphins fan).

If you will walk me through how to accomplish this lofty goal with iLogic, I'll give you a nice stick of gum to split among yourselves!

Rob Beckley

For adding rules to templates what is the best practice External or In Document, I note as previous comment that you have to have the external rules loaded (RunExternalRule: Cannot find an external rule file named: "Material")to get them to work each time so isn’t it better to permanently add them In Document?

Tim Strandberg

Just in time for Christmas 417. I will be presenting a class at AU named "iLogic - Outside The Box: External Rules Management". Among other things it will cover....wait for it....Web driven iLogic! Not exactly sure how I'm going to code that just yet but Cohee tells me I'm good at making stuff up as I go.

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