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Kevin E.

I give it 6 months until either the motherboard or graphics card fails. This started happening with the M90 and I am not sure if Dell fixed it yet.



I'm not convinced by the extra cost of workstations and CAD cards for Inventor use. We don't use studio or FEA. Why should you have one? I have spec'd the below and think it will do everything needed and more with great upgrade paths and cheaper components if failure occurs and for upgrading.

Monitors: Qty2 Acer G235Hbmd
Motherboard: MSI X58 PRO-E
Processor: Intel i7 920 Socket 1366 2.66GHz
Graphics card: XFX ATi Radeon HD 5850 1GB
Memory: 3 x 4GB Crucial DDR3 PC8500/1066MHz ECC Reg CL7
Hard drive: 1 x 80GB Intel X25-M G2
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 pro 64 bit OEM
Software: Microsoft Office 2007 SBE

What do you and others think?

Jay Tedeschi


That looks like a fine machine setup. I will assume from the single hard drive configuration that you are using a network drive for all of your data?

The HP that I use primarily is an 8730w. We are very happy together and she performs admirably regardless of the task set before her. [grin] Core 2 Extremem Quad core, 8 Gb memory, 1Gb nVidia Quadro FX 3700, 2x 300 Gb 7200 Rpm Drives... 1 of which is for Applications & Virtual Machines, the other for data. I am also running a dual monitor setup... HDMI to a Dell LCD 24", and DVI-D to a Wacom Cintiq 12WX, which besides being an AWESOME tablet, happens to be an incredible 2nd monitor.

Rob Cohee

Does anyone else feel like were at the local cruising hangout checking out each others rides? Whatchu got under the hood, man? :-)

Jay Tedeschi

Totally... the machine I am building in my IBM M Pro Chassis with Ant's nVidia SLI mainboard and a pair of FX 5600/4800 should be sick! Oh yeah, that one is going to have a 2 TB, 7200 Rpm RAID0 drive setup... and that is just the data drive.

Kevin E.

Jay, you're nuts! :-)

You are going to have a 2TB data drive and then put it in Raid 0? Better known as scary raid? The raid where if one drive fails you lose all data from the other drive? I suppose that would be OK if you are backing it up.

John Evans

I'll lump in with my 2 cents on video in reply to:
Scott and Jay

Check out the article I wrote last November on Video Card comparison. I do use a Quadro and love it, but my company pays the upcharge, not me.


Jay Tedeschi

Good point Kevin... if you do go with a RAID 0 config you MUST back up nightly, which I do. My HP laptop data drive is mirrored daily to another similarly configured laptop (T61p) and at night that drive mirrors to the 1 Tb NAS.


cheers for the link to your article John, considering we only use Inventor and are not likely to change, then i think the 5850 is the one for use considering cost and directX11 support

John Evans

moved reply comments to Rob's FB discussion.



Facebook is blocked at my workplace

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