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Mark Flayler

Word to the wise, if you have Feature Recognition installed you may have to disable both addins, and restart them one at a time starting with 3DA and then FR. Otherwise you may have 3DA in the Ribbon, but no commands selectable.

Rob Cohee

Thanks for the heads up Mark. Always on top of things that Flayler... [grin]

iDS! - Stephen Robbins

I like the way things are heading with this tech :)


Hi Rob,
i really would like to try it, but it is not available for German users now. When will this drawback be remedied?



Bryan Fischer

If you want your software to fulfill the needs of industry, your 3D Annotation tools must comply with the applicable ASME and ISO standards, and the annotation must be exportable in various formats (STEP, PDF, etc.). You should also provide tools for proper presentation and ensure the data is represented properly, saved model views, rotatable and static annotation planes, etc. This is critical if you want your software to compete with other products that already provide some or all of these capabilities. (I've been consulting with software companies and their largest clients to ensure they get it right.)


Here are a couple of thoughts/comments and a question:
1. It would be nice to have access to 3DA in the assembly environment.
2. Associativity would also be a very nice feature.
3. The default tolerance is +/-0.25. Can that be turned off or is it necessary to change it every time a dimension is placed?

Sunith Babu

Want to learn all about 3DA for Inventor,

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Dave O

Second Bryan Fischer's comments - We want to create feature associative ADSI/ISO GD&T inspection annotations, save them STEP AP203 format and create automated inspection plans that can drive my CMM. See CATIA FTA for more details how to do it!

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