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Movie: "My Cousin Vinny"

Simulation hasn't been something I need to use due to the fact that most of my work involves static frame structures that use members that have already been calculated. I have used simulation on products that I'm designing from scratch or to see if I could get improvements on existing products. But those instances don't happen all that often for me.


The positraction stuff was from My Cousin Vinny, but the car was a 63 Tempest wasn't it? Wasn't the whole gist of Mona Lisa's testimony that the Buick Skylark, while sold in the same green color as the Tempest/GTO, was not available with Positraction?

Rob Cohee

So far 0 'fer two. It's not My Cousin Vinny.

Mike Simms

Joe Dirt. One of the last great minds...

Rob Cohee

Ding, Ding! Nice work Mike. Joe Dirt when he was asking his parents why they left him alone. My other favorite from that movie - "You're talkin' to my guy all wrong..."

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