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Asle Martin Svastuen


Great tips :)
But if you wrote a rule that trigged the "Update copied Properties" it would be very easy to choose what to copy and what not to copy. Not sure it is possible but would be surprised if not..

Douglas DuPont

You can do the same thing on Document settings. On the Drawing Tab at the bottom it says "Copy Model iProperty Settings..." Select the Icon next to it and the Copy Model iProperty Setting Dialog comes up. I can choose what iProperty you want to copy from the part to the drawing file. Change your drawing template file and drawing from here on will be populated with your part iProperties. Bad thing, It only populates the first time you add your first part to a drawing file. If you change your part iProperties later on the drawing iProperties do not update.

Asle Martin Svastuen

If you click on the "Update copied Properties" on the "Manage" tab, the properties will be updated. That's why I'm wondering if it is possible to trigger this button on save.

Steve Robbins

I've run into this issue as well. Problem is you can't ONLY use Custom iProperties...our reasoning stems from file explorer tool tips...which are not customizable ERRR!

...anyway the point is if you simply add to your process work flow 1 additional step to populate a single model property say "Part Number" or maybe 2 steps adding "Title" it will add more dynamics to your quires...then your Vault searches would find both ;)

I like the work around here though...very clever :)


this worked great. thanks rob & david.

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