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J.D. Mather

Without Alias Editor for Inventor in the core Inventor product Inventor is doomed to always be behind SolidWorks.

Rob Cohee

J.D. Please for the sake of all my readers, enlighten us as to specifically how Inventor is "doomed" to be behind SolidWorks? Please tell me how providing purpose built tools for the different phases of manufacturing is a doomed strategy? What does SolidWorks have for say...electrical? I bet it has something to do with AutoCAD. What about industrial design? Alias perhaps? Don't come in here with a blanket statement without some specifics. It's like that Evo vs iPhone YouTube video. "I don't care, I want the one with the most GB's"... But it's SolidWorks so it's better... What does that mean? Please elaborate.


J.D. Mather

I would have to write a book to cover all of the bases - it is more than software functionality that is involved here. Perhaps over the next couple of months (this happens to by my busy time) if you care to continue the discussion we can flesh this out.

To start the discussion - who is going to see this technology.
Students can download Alias Automotive, and Inventor from the student community - but not Alias Design.

Alias Design is not included in the Manufacturing or the ID software packages for schools.

Rob Cohee

I really think you hit the nail on the head JD. It is absolutely more than software functionality, and I think it would do well for the readers for us to continue this discussion on that level. I think we all grow tired of "but my loft can do this"..."yes, so does ours". Who wins there right?

As far as Alias Design goes yes we give Alias Automotive to students, which has more functionality than Alias Design....except of course Alias Design for Inventor. If I had an empty whiteboard I would go into how that decision was made, but I think it’s safe to say that we are constantly evaluating our go to market strategy with our new technology. Most importantly we are listening to what you guys have to say, and making decisions from there.

The point of this post was to illustrate using the right tool for the right job. Students could absolutely utilize the workflow that I'm advocating using Alias Automotive. Which I strongly believe is superior to using SolidWorks for Industrial Design purposes.

Thanks for the conversation J.D.

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