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John Evans

Nice job Rob. I'll just comment on all of it.
Commitment of the people involved...Sustain the new goals and not slip back to the old way of thinking. Solid advice. I definitely think that identifying the waste is the key to getting EVERYONE on board (esp management).

How much time is lost on searching for files. Can you add 'OMG' in the total?

Nice video..again. iLogic is really awesome, No more conflicting problematic conditionals and workarounds for my variations. 2011 really is the most exciting release of Inventor yet.

Mark Landsaat

I don't have a need for this type of automation personally, but the interface for ilogic is really cool. I like it.

Matt M

It's like you're channelling Denis Leary... and he's still alive (I think). :)

Rob Cohee

@Mark I love Denis Leary. If you haven't read "Why We Suck", it is an awesome read. Great plane ride read.


Are you saying you could not have done the same with DriveWorksXpress?

Rob Cohee

@John - here's what I have to go off of - http://www.driveworksxpress.com/images/videos/ProductData/driveworks-feature-comparison.pdf

See all those empty spots under DriveWorksXpress? Almost all of them can be filled with iLogic functionality. Exceptions include queued configuration generation, and working with Word, Excel (as a resulting document, not to read in - we can do that), and emails w/attachments. (Which you would need Pro for anyway)

So yes, there are many things that you can do with iLogic which is included with Inventor that you cannot do with DriveWorksXpress.

Want to pony up for DriveWorks? That's a good package that does cool stuff that we don't charge extra for. And if you need that next level beyond what even iLogic can do, we have Autodesk Intent for that.

Hope that helps - Rob

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