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Mark Landsaat

Hi Rob,

Disclaimer first. I'm a SWX user. I think the visual styles in inventor are pretty impressive. SWX does offer similar options with RealView, but from what I can tell from the video the Inventor quality is better and how to adjust the settings seem to work a lot more intuitive in Inventor.

But with that said. I work with normal flat shaded with edges for my models on a gradient background. I don't want shinyness and backgrounds/environments distract me from what I'm doing. But that's just my opinion.

Do like the ribbon interface and have been following your videos for a while. As a suggestion for another video, maybe you could show off Inventor's parametric surfacing capabilities? I know there's an alias for Inventor now, but am curious to see what the native parametric surfacing capabilities are.

Keep it up, you got me interested.



I have been playing around with the new realistic styles in Inventor for my new Kitchen. My house doesn't exist yet so its proving very handy using these tools to create a realistic representation of what it will be like. I have even been using the manufacturers paint codes to recreate the wall colours etc. However, i have noticed a few shortfalls/quirks.

I noticed that when you demonstrate setting the textures etc, around the 1.25 mark. You select the anodised blue realistic style, but then you go on to set 102.bmp as the texture and then change its scale along with the Bump scale.

The odd thing here is, neither the texture or bump settings are used when the visual style is set to realistic. Sure enough your visual style is set to shaded. It seems the use of the realistic appearance boosts the 'traditional' color styles. However, I am doubtful these will carry over to a program like Showcase.

Based on my understanding the only unified part of the material library is the realistic autodesk material library. Which is very limited, there is a lot of good stuff, but i want to create my own realistic wood grain renders to use in Inventor and then carry through to Showcase.

I did notice the model in the earlier part of the video was set to the realistic visual style, but conveniently most of the materials you would use on that model are largely available in the realistic autodesk unified material library.

For the record, my kitchen looks pretty good, but as soon as i switch over to the realistic visual style, it looks nothing like intended and in some cases (where a realistic appearance isn't set) the faces have a completely flat render.

Rob Cohee

@Mark - stay tuned re the surfacing examples. SWX has a few nice features in that area, no question but I think we stack up pretty nicely.

@Scott - the way it works today, Showcase "links" it's material library to the Inventor and Autodesk Material libraries. Showcase users have responded positively due to the amount of customizations they may have in an existing Showcase library.

J.D. Mather

>but am curious to see what the native parametric surfacing capabilities are.

Done by one of my students entirely in Inventor 8 http://home.pct.edu/~jmather/content/DSG322/Student%20Gallery/Dogging%20It.jpg
That was Inventor 8 not 2008.

Here is a model I did 4 years ago

J.D. Mather

>but am curious to see what the native parametric surfacing capabilities are.

Another example of student work done intirely in Inventor 4 years ago.

J.D. Mather

And one more from last year http://home.pct.edu/~jmather/content/DSG322/Student%20Gallery/rubber%20duck.jpg

I teach surface modeling in both Inventor and SolidWorks. These are a bit out of date but here are some tutorials http://home.pct.edu/~jmather/content/DSG322/inventor_surface_tutorials.htm

Certified SolidWorks Professional
Autodesk Inventor Certified Expert

Mark Landsaat

@Rob-I will stay tuned to see the surfacing vid. What's cool for me to see is how things work in Inventor. I know how they work in SWX so it gives me a good opportunity to evaluate the capabilities other than downloading and installing the trial.

Ultimately I want to try inventor when I have some extra time, but the videos are a great way to demonstrate it's capabilities.

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