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Hey Rob,

Swing down to Whangarei, New Zealand, we will be more than happy to see if you can take up the challenge of working with Inventor in our office, knocking our world class Giga yacht interiors. It would be very interesting to see how you get on and getting your thoughts on what we do.
You could do an Australisian sub series and visit a couple of companies here and a few in Oz.



edit: Knocking out

damn typo's

Rob Cohee

New Zealand would be amazing, Scott. Definitely a part of the world that I can't wait to visit, and if we can get a video shoot going at the same time... well, that sounds like a winner to me. Lets stay in touch with that.

Rob Cohee

So far the top suggested series names are (in no particular order)

Real World CAD
Digital Jobs
Modeling Marvels

Anyone else....?


Just had a thought for another series maybe. A rip off from another TV show, Extreme Make Over: CAD Office Edition.

But more on topic:
On Site Design
Design in place
Common CAD
CAD Enlightenment
Enlightened CAD


regarding NZ. Keeping in touch about it sounds good. How many reasons do you reckon your employers need before they will hook you/us up?

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