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Scott Moyse

If you are multi body modelling and you output the components to assemblies using company specific numbering conventions. Then this tool could be handy and is well hidden away.

Document settings
modelling tab
make components dialog options

This is a corker of a dialog box, and provides some good prefix & suffix naming options along with a host of other settings.

Set up standards in your template to create conformity across a group of users. To be honest i could think of several extras for this dialog, but at least this is there.

Kevin E.

This one came from one of Rob's past videos but I use it constantly in my current position.

When creating a section view, hold down the control key to break the alignment of the section view before you place the view.

Kevin E.

Another one I use a lot. If you need more of a part or parts that you have already placed in your assembly, click the file or control click multiple files in the browser and drag them into the graphics window.

And don't forget about alt + drag for assembling fasteners.

Rob Matthews

*your *favourite


To create a lightweight dummy part from an assy (and you don't want to shrinkwrap), choose part priorty, select all parts you want to see, and demote. Open the new part, and save, and close the original assy without saving. Then derive new assy into part, and break link. Doesn't work perfectly though, patterns through it sometimes.
Otherwise just isolate the parts you want to include, and run Brian Ekin's flatten assy macro.

Paul Munford

F7 to slice graphics in sketch view!

Mike Thomas

switch to flush to make it easier to pick faces while constraining. Once the two faces are picked switch back to mate.


I not use insert in assembly
If i have partfile open
I rightclick up in the three browser and take copy and paste in assembly......

iDS! - Stephen Robbins

Switch to Perspective View to activate the secret "Fly Through" Mode...and look OUT from within your design as well as mysteriously pass through walls :D

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