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Great piece. It looks as though A-decc has really taken advantage of autodesk products. Have been slowly getting some of same stuff done here as well. Just got my ipad over xmas, and one of the first ten apps i looked for was for IV (publisher). Will download and check out. Thanks for hard work....



FIrst of all, great post, i enjoyed it and it made me smile at several points. So here it is i will just hit ya with it.

I must say i am dubious about how easy it really is to re-use the Inventor data for CNC programming and Sheet Metal. I have been looking into easier ways of doing this for years now with Inventor across to AlphaCAM (very similar, even if inferior to MasterCAM) and i must say Inventor in reality is lacking in this area. You definitely skipped over those crucial points during the videos, for a multitude of reasons i'm sure.


There is a lot of work needed to prepare the information for import into CAM software or prep for applying tool paths. Whether that is orientating parts in 3D space or adding flat pattern geometries to useful layers for toolpathing. Something as simple as being able to export a file using a UCS as the origin instead of the WCS would be of great help.

Inventor requires a lot of development in the area of providing 'descriptive layered' cut files for 3-axis and sheet metal CNC's either through the sheet metal flat pattern environment of via idw's


i would love to do a screen share with you sometime before march to show you what i mean.

all the best


Rob Cohee


I'm sorry that you feel that I purposely skipped over crucial points to for some reason "hide" difficulties they had in working with CAM and Sheet Metal. In fact, I set out purposely to dis-spell the perception that there is some sort of black magic and wanted to explain the process in the customers own words. Believe me if the customer was unhappy with the experience, they would not have agreed to even do the piece.

There are / were no shenanigans or lipstick and rouge here. :-) The workflow works for them. They use both Esprit, and MasterCAM. If you are having difficulty that seems to be overcome at A-dec as part of this piece, have a look into one of those solutions.

Best of luck,

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