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Rob Szykowski

Rob, how many hours in Santa’s workshop boiler room did it take to model & assemble this? Looks great!
I think this technology will change the way we produce and consume assembly instructions and in big part eliminate engineering drawings as we know them(3D Annotate will be a perfect addition).
Next thing will be barcodes on packages - scan with the smart-phone/pad to download appropriate instructions in 3D. No more wondering if the drawings are the latest revision, you can download the latest set anytime.
IKEA, this technology is a God-sent to you.
I enjoy your blogs Rob, Thanks.
Rob from Toronto

Rob Cohee

Thanks Rob. We are equally as excited about this technology. As you can see the deliverable is wicked easy to use. The real gem from an engineering point of view is that Inventor Publisher:

1 - Uses the engineering data, nothing has to be re-drawn or re-modeled.

2. Can create all kinds of deliverables beyond just the mobile file. Publish to Word, PPT, SWF, PDF 2D & 3D, Vector so that you can both maintain existing documentation while transitioning to a cloud based delivery.

3. Inventor Publisher has to be the easiest tool I've ever used. Takes only a couple hours to pick up. And that its associative to the Inventor models... you can go ahead and start on your tech pubs earlier now.

Dan Walsh

Awesome Project my kids and I love lego. Doing rush jobs like this is where the internet comes in handy. After you knock off for the day you send it to the other side of the world for some other team to work on for the next 12 hours.

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