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Bill Schmid

If Inventor is even coming close to Solidworks, then Solidworks must have backslid. I'm sitting here trying to recreate a windmill blade in Inventor. The quality of the finished product is terrible. Worked fine in Solidworks 2005.

Inventor has some wonderful ease-of-use features, but for shear modeling power, it's just not there. Personally, I suspect it's crippled on purpose so Autodesk can upsell users to Alias.

Mark Flayler

I have a client that makes windmill blades just fine in Inventor and they are quite impressive.

Honestly most high complexity surfaces (G3) are better done in Alias rather than Inventor or Solidworks. It's all about using the right tool for the job. It's also a nice benefit to get a free add-in for Inventor with Alias Design as well.

Scott Moyse

A good friend of mine modeled his kit car body in Solidworks in 2004. Some pretty intense surfaces too. There is absolutely no way Inventor could come close to that even now!

I love Inventor, i think its great. Clearly it whoops Solidworks in the areas highlighted by these tests. However, it's obvious it doesn't with Surfacing! Amongst other things I'm sure, for example can Solidworks tell if a word is spelled correctly or not? It can also perform the simple task of drawing a center point rectangle, out of the box.

It's almost like Autodesk are burying their heads in the sand in some regards.


I've used Solidworks loads and whilst I think Inventor has come on miles in recent years, and in my opnion is better, I think you need to let your users make the decision which is best for them.
Funding surveys and boasting about the results just seems a little childish.

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