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so rob you gonna give us a launch date for inventor? i can't wait to play around with fusion 2012, i have just the job for it. the timing is impeccable.


I would have known it had been launched, if it had appeared on our subs page like it should have done. Its still not there either.

Anyway I'm sure that will get sorted. In the meantime are you able to confirm, considering we have licenses of Inventor Suite, that we will now have the premium product design suite?


so turns out the people who have it already are ADN members and Resellers.

I'm glad i know now and its not a mistake on Autodesks part with regard to our sub site. can't wait for another two weeks.


You will receive the Product Design Suites if you have as follows -

AutoCAD Mechanical on subscription - entitling you to Product Design Suite 2012 Standard Edition (AutoCAD Mechanical, Vault, Showcase, Sketchbook & Mudbox)

Inventor Suite on subscription - entitling you to Product Design Suite 2012 Premium Edition (Product Design Suite Standard plus Inventor Suite & 3ds Max Design)

Inventor Simulation/Tooling/Routed Systems/ Professional on subscription - entitling you to Product Design Suite Ultimate (Product Design Suite Premium plus Inventor) Professional and Alias Design.

Estimated date for release of Product Design Suite is 14th April


I want this too Inventor too


Rob Cohee

I don't get how the SolidWorks video about surfacing link from Max bears any relevance to reality. NOBODY is modeling the surface body of cars using SolidWorks, Pro/E, Solid Edge, or Inventor. And nope, in most cases auto companies aren't doing the surfaces in CATIA or NX either (much of the rest of cars, sure - surfaces, no). The vast majority of them are using Autodesk Alias for surface design, and there is a reason for this... it's not because they can't afford another package either.

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