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Information (or data) becomes knowledge through application.
Knowledge becomes wisdom through experience.

Sauli Kiviranta

You may want to read this article...

Google: Nonaka 1994 dynamic theory organizational knowledge creation

Snippet: "Four Modes of Knowledge Conversion: The assumption that knowledge is created through conversion between tacit and explicit knowledge allows us to postulate four different “modes” of knowledge conversion: (1) from tacit knowledge to tacit knowledge, (2) from explicit knowledge to explicit knowledge, (3) from tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge, and (4) from explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge."

Also the Nonaka 2009 paper you could take a look at.

Chris H

data: Organized information generally used as the basis for adjudication or decision. Commonly, organized information, collected for a specific purpose. (Black's 6th)
Collected information; known FACTS(Ballantine's 3rd)

knowledge: Acquaintance with FACTS or truth.
personal knowledge: Knowledge of the truth in regard to a particular FACT [i.e., data] or allegation, which is original, and does not depend on information or hearsay. (Black's 6th)
A person's direct knowledge of anything, as distinguished from that which he learns by hearsay.

A: NEVER ...

Data is an ELEMENT of Knowledge.
It is impossible for an ELEMENT of a thing to BE the thing itself.

Cheers ... Chris H

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