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nice write up rob, great work

Jon Banquer

"Let's be honest here, I've been peddling Inventor now for 12 years and we've had an uphill climb, and to the competitors credit they have done a decent job trying the play the "we've been around longer than they have" card, therefore ours must be better. But let me ask you a straight up question - is there anyone in this space that has been more innovative with new technology than Autodesk lately? Think about it for a minute."

Agree, lets be honest. Far ahead of Autodesk is Missler Software's TopSolid CADCAM 7

Autodesk Inventor isn't even close to TopSolid CADCAM 7 which has many tools Autodesk Inventor doesn't such as built in internal PDM rather than external PDM, very powerful fully integrated CAM, etc.


Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

Rodney Coffey

Agreed nice right up! Any way we can get our hands on some trial software or beta to take a technical look at what it takes to get this all running?

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